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Additional Resources & Information

Here are some additional resources and information for MAI Eagle Floats.

Float Buoyancy

Analysis of Float Integrity

Dock Float Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

Article: Dock Floats - The Foundation for Lasting Impressions

"First impressions are made within 30 seconds, yet they can last for 30 years. When boaters look to make a decision on where to dock their boats, we who build and maintain docks know there are a lot of factors to manage.

The floats that a dock sits on will affect its overall look and feel, which can make or break a lasting first impression (think sagging docks, twisting wood, etc). Protecting your docks and the people using them is of the utmost importance, and there are many features to consider when choosing the right dock floats.

In this article, the most important features of rotationally molded floats will be explained to help in your purchasing decisions."





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