Dock Floats & Lift Tanks

The right choice for floatation.
No other float on the market can compare.

Made in the USA, our rotationally molded floats can be used on existing docks to gain freeboard, eliminate twisting, and/or improve the levelness of the dock. They can also be utilized in new construction of timber or truss dock systems.

MAI Eagle Floats are foam filled, while our Lift Tanks are hollow with the ability to add or subtract air/water.

Both types of floats are rotationally molded from the highest impact strength resin available containing UV inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultraviolet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack resistance and low temperature impact performance.

Highlights that set MAI Eagle Floats apart:

Exceeds all USACE requirements

• InfraRed Thermometry (IRT) used to ensure precision floats every time

• Destructive and/or non-destructive tests conducted every day to ensure production consistency: wall thickness, wall strength, EPS foam flexural strength, EPS core density, and water absorption.

• In-house computer aided design for high quality and custom production options

• In-house tooling for low up-front costs and custom production options

• 15-year warranty

Exceeds all 3rd party testing including but not limited to:

• The “Seven Day Hunt Absorption Test”

• Puncture testing (As per D4833-00e1-Standard Test Method of Index Puncture Resistance of Geotextiles, Geomembranes, and Related Products

• Thickness Verification Test (as conducted by AmericanUE)

• Lake Ozark Environmental, LLC approval

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