Solar Navigational Lights

Navigational lights help guide boaters into the marina safely. There are a wide variety of navigational lights available in the market today. MAI carries a series of high quality solar powered LED lights. These navigational lights are used in marinas and on docks around the world.

Approved for marine applications, our line of navigational lights are extremely rugged and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions with zero maintenance. They have no bulbs or batteries to replace or maintain, which quickly pays for itself! Its efficient battery backup storage keeps your light working for up to three weeks without sun. It has an expected 6-8 year life cycle, is compact, and is easy to install. Backed by a 3 year warranty, these units feature a totally self-contained, sealed construction and have a high efficiency domed top, which helps keep birds off while allowing the sun to be collected from all angles.

Our LED solar navigational lights are available in different models and offer a range of light colors and flash rates.

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