Fend-All Fendering System

Offered in three styles, the FEND-ALL family of fenders are the only continuously supported, double-wall fenders available on the market with an "internal high-energy absorption web" capable of 250%+ extension before breakage. This combined with a special UV-stabilized material makes the FEND-ALL family of fenders the standard bearer for all marine fenders. The FEND-ALL family of fenders is trademarked and patented (patent #6,289,836). The FA201 and 50 are available in standard lengths of 10 feet and should be mounted to a piling or waler with stainless steel #10 ring shank nails. Nails should be placed every 4" on both tabs. The FA fender can be ordered as mounted or unmounted. Mounted FA fenders require 5/8" stainless steel lag bolts 5" long for secure fastening. The FA201 and 50 are available in black and white. The FA fender is also available in gray.

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