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Dock Boxes

Our on-line store offers a complete line of high quality dock boxes.  Purchased from a variety of manufacturers across the USA to help reduce shipping charges, MAI is dedicated to providing you with high quality dock boxes at reasonable prices.

If the dock box you are looking for is not featured in our on-line store please call and we will help you locate it.


Fiberglass Triangular

Fiberglass Rectangular

Polyethylene Triangular

Polyethylene Rectangular

Pile Caps


The pile cap is an essential part of a marina's equipment.  It adds to the visual appeal of the docking facility, protects the vulnerable top of the piling from water damage, and cone tops discourage birds from sitting or nesting on the piling. 

Marina Accessories offers a wide variety of pile caps.  To set your docks apart from the rest, the Heavy Duty Poly and Fiberglass cones can be special ordered in your color choice.  If you don't see the pile cap appropriate for your needs please call one of our representatives.


Polyethylene Pile Cap

Heavy Duty Polyethylene Pile Cap

Fiberglass Pile Cap


Dock Carts


We carry a variety of dock carts to help get your things easily to and from your boat. Boaters know the toughest part of boating usually involves hauling gear from the car to the boat and then back again. Dock carts are a staple product for any marina and are greatly appreciated by the boat owners.

MAI also carries replacement parts for a number of dock cart brands.


Aluminum Dock Carts

Plastic Dock Carts

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