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Date added: 06/05/2015 Your Marina is Losing Business and This is Why
It’s a beautiful day, so you decide to head down to the local marina to walk the docks, take your boat out and soak up some vitamin D. You are walking down one of the docks and you start to pay attention to the water. You see a small pack of silver fish feeding near the surface of the water, a vibrant pink starfish scaling the ocean floor, an orange crab that is scurrying over barnacle covered rocks and then all of sudden you see something that flips your mood from delight to disgust. You see floating trash, shiny oil on top of the water and organic floating debris (i.e. logs, seaweed, plants and etc.). Your stomach starts to turn and you start to think to yourself, “Is this a marina that I want to spend my day on? Let alone moor my boat at?”

Floating trash = a marina business killer. It’s no secret and a lot of your customers know this. Boaters do not pay lots of money each year to have trash, oil and floating debris surrounding and rubbing against their boats. Drops of oil can spread over acres of water, having adverse effects on boats, wildlife and the overall look and feel of a marina. Organic debris can overwhelm a marina and will eventually sink, resulting in expensive dredging operations.

Marina Accessories is aware that harbors often hire people to go around and collect the floating trash, organic debris and suck up the oil. The problem with this is that they can’t have someone doing this 24/7. It’s hard to predict when potential customers will be visiting your marina which means that they could come by outside of the work hours. They will be scoping potential slips and then all of a sudden they will notice that there is floating trash, organic debris and oil. Once they see that the marina is not being properly taken care of, the potential customer takes their business elsewhere.

Marina Accessories is going to let you in on a little secret that will revolutionize your marina, drive sales and fulfill your customer’s needs. You need to simply invest in a Marina Trash Skimmer. This will cut down on your employee labor costs, keep your customers happy and convert your marina from ugly to beautiful in no time. You can think of a Marina Trash Skimmer as your hardest working, most trustworthy and consistent employee because they work 24/7. Can your employees clean over 300 gallons of water per minute? I didn’t think so.

Marina Accessories carries arguably the best Marina Trash Skimmers in the industry. Act now and turn those potential customers into marina ambassadors who are constantly promoting and speaking highly of you marina. This isn’t simply just a marina cleaner, it’s a marina saver.

Date added: 10/06/2014 Light up your Marina!

With the excellence achieved in underwater lighting for boats, more and more clients want to bring that level of perfection onto their docks and continue the all night aquarium. The MAI product line is the perfect product for such applications.

Our dock lights can be mounted below the waterline to create the amazing halo effect from underneath the dock, or they can be mounted above the waterline to shine down onto the waters surface. When the water conditions are not ideal, as is the case in most intercostals areas and marinas, this is often the best solution.

The MAI product line is the perfect solution as the lights are factory sealed making it impossible for them to leak, condensate or even corrode. The very nature of having to change a bulb brings about a whole new set of problems as contaminates can get inside the light and more often than not, corrode the light fixture from the inside out.

So if you are looking for a completely trouble free, green lighting solution for any on land or water application, then MAI has the most versatile lighting products available on the market. Let our friendly staff help with all your dock lighting needs call 1-800-585-6890.


Your Marina Accessories Team

Date added: 01/03/2014 Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We have a few new products we have added to our store. SlideMoore is a great option when having to moor against pilings. The SlideMoore allows the boat to slide up and down the pile without worries of the fender coming out of position.

Power House ice eaters are a great line up of ice eaters that range from 1/2 hp -1 hp. These units can be suspended between docks or be placed on a mounting bracket that attaches to the side of the dock. The dock side mount allows the customer to rotate the position if the ice eater to work several areas from one location. The dock side unit can easily be moved around the marina..

Also, We have added MoBox Fiberglass dock boxes that are made stronger and thicker than many of the other boxes on the market today. The inside of all the boxes are gel coated for a smooth inside surface that is easy to clean.

We hope you enjoyed the celebrations and we look forward to bringing you the best marina and dock products through 2014 and beyond.


Your Marina Accessories Team

Date added: 12/04/2013 Winter is Coming

Check out our Ice Eaters!

The Ice Eater is designed to prevent ice from forming around boats, marinas, docks, and piers as well as effectively melting existing ice by breaking the surface with a continuous current of warmer bottom water.

Have a happy and safe Holiday season!


Your Marina Accessories Team

Date added: 10/17/2013 Ice Eaters are here
Date added: 09/23/2013 We now carry SlideMoor
Date added: 07/18/2013 Eagle Floats in Stock
Date added: 09/28/2012 Trash
Date added: 09/12/2012 Safety Ladders Save Lives

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