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Happy New Year 2014!     Date added: 01/03/2014

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We have a few new products we have added to our store. SlideMoore is a great option when having to moor against pilings. The SlideMoore allows the boat to slide up and down the pile without worries of the fender coming out of position.

Power House ice eaters are a great line up of ice eaters that range from 1/2 hp -1 hp. These units can be suspended between docks or be placed on a mounting bracket that attaches to the side of the dock. The dock side mount allows the customer to rotate the position if the ice eater to work several areas from one location. The dock side unit can easily be moved around the marina..

Also, We have added MoBox Fiberglass dock boxes that are made stronger and thicker than many of the other boxes on the market today. The inside of all the boxes are gel coated for a smooth inside surface that is easy to clean.

We hope you enjoyed the celebrations and we look forward to bringing you the best marina and dock products through 2014 and beyond.


Your Marina Accessories Team

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