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Light up your Marina!     Date added: 10/06/2014

With the excellence achieved in underwater lighting for boats, more and more clients want to bring that level of perfection onto their docks and continue the all night aquarium. The MAI product line is the perfect product for such applications.

Our dock lights can be mounted below the waterline to create the amazing halo effect from underneath the dock, or they can be mounted above the waterline to shine down onto the waters surface. When the water conditions are not ideal, as is the case in most intercostals areas and marinas, this is often the best solution.

The MAI product line is the perfect solution as the lights are factory sealed making it impossible for them to leak, condensate or even corrode. The very nature of having to change a bulb brings about a whole new set of problems as contaminates can get inside the light and more often than not, corrode the light fixture from the inside out.

So if you are looking for a completely trouble free, green lighting solution for any on land or water application, then MAI has the most versatile lighting products available on the market. Let our friendly staff help with all your dock lighting needs call 1-800-585-6890.


Your Marina Accessories Team

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