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Who Are We?

Marina Accessories Incorporated (MAI) was founded in 1998 by two employees of Bellingham Marine Industries (BMI), the worldwide leader in marina development and construction. 

In the mid '90s, BMI noticed difficulties servicing their marinas with  parts and accessories while simultaneously trying to focus on other major building phases.  In order to best serve their customers before, during, and after construction, it became obvious that a separate entity with a narrowed focus was needed.  It was out of this need that Marina Accessories was born. 

Since 1998, Marina Accessories has grown from a strictly BMI clientele servicer to a full-fledged parts and accessories provider for contractors, marinas, and private dock owners.  Marina Accessories is able to focus entirely on the customers’ needs, from multi-million dollar projects down to a single part for a private lake-house.

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Where Are We Located?

MAI is currently headquartered in the Pacific Northwest at Bellingham Marine’s world headquarters in Bellingham, Washington.

Our relationship with BMI enables us to manufacture and stock at multiple plant locations. In addition, we are partnered with many manufacturers around the country and world which gives us the ability to ship your products from the location nearest you, saving you time and money. 

In today’s economic state, we understand the importance of a national presence.  Shipping a few dock floats from Washington to Florida is not economically sound.  Our network of national and international contacts gives us the right resources to best serve our customers. Take a look at the map below to get a sense of our ability to quickly and efficiently serve every customer.



Why Choose Us?

Convenient Access:
Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you have the ability to access product information and submit purchase requests at a time that is most convenient for you and your project.  Simply add the items you are interested in to your cart and we will handle the rest by providing you with a fully itemized quote including associated lead times and freight costs.  Upon your authorization, we will then fulfill your order and update you with tracking information so you will know exactly where your order is and when it is expected to arrive.

Competitive Excellence:
We maintain our reputation of excellence by offering a balance of inside and outside manufactured products. While we have mastered many aspects of the marina industry, we don’t pretend to be experts in every area, which is where our outside manufacturers and suppliers come into play.

Our manufacturers and suppliers are the experts of their respective fields. We are able to work with these companies and use our large industry presence to bring back low prices that would otherwise be unattainable for our customers. We internally monitor and track these businesses and their products, making sure that you, the customer, are truly benefiting from the products and services we offer.

Accommodating Service:
If you need assistance, need a quote, or can’t find something you are looking for, we have a full time sales staff with a wide breadth of knowledge working to assist you.  We offer open credit accounts, which require a simple 1 page application and 1 day of processing via our inside finance department.  We also offer quantity price breaks for everyone, as well as special pricing breaks for contractors and marinas.

We will work with you to find the highest quality, best value product, and ensure that you have the parts you need when you need them. 





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