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Question : When will my product ship?

Answer : Turnaround time between us receiving your order and when it leaves the factory is contingent on a number of factors.

Most products are in stock and will ship within one business day, while some products have to come directly from the manufacturer and could take an additional day to ship. Some products require assembly of in stock parts and may take anywhere from 2-5 business days to ship. Unique or custom products require extended procurement and assembly time and these lead times vary widely.

Any product that requires extended lead times will be noted in the product description. If your order is time critical and you require expediated shipment of your product, please Contact Us before you place your order.



Question : What shipping methods do you offer?

Answer : We have a variety of shipping methods to choose from. When ordering online, you will be given one or more of the following options depending on the type of product:

UPS Ground - Delivery in 1 to 7 Business Days (Location Dependent)

UPS Standard (Canada Only) - Delivery in 3 to 12 Business Days



Question : Why is my order arriving from multiple locations?

Answer : There are a few reasons why your order may be arriving from multiple location and/or at different times:

1) You ordered multiple parts that were stocked in different locations.

2) Some parts were UPS shippable, while others needed to go by Freight.

3) Some parts where backordered while others shipped immediately.

You can specify how you would like an order to ship in the order communication section during checkout, or by contacting us before or directly after you place your order.



Question : How do I track my order?

Answer : After you place your order, we will immediately begin processing it. Generally, you will get a tracking number emailed to you within 24 hours. However, in cases where a product is shipped directly from the manufacturer a tracking number may not be available for an additional 1-2 days.



Question : Freight Quotes for Larger Orders

Answer : We are always available to work with you on getting your products shipped for the lowest price possible. From a single power pedestal on a pallet to FTL marina supply, we have used our large industry presence to secure bottom line rates from a large number of freight forwarders.

Simply call or email, or add your items to your cart and, at checkout, select "Shipping Method and Cost to be Determined" as the shipping option and submit the order as a quote. We will get in contact with you once we have a freight quote to submit for your approval.



Question : International Shipping

Answer : We are able to (and often do) ship anywhere in the world. Our products have shipped to 6 continents without a hitch and we are always looking to help our international neighbors (contact us if you know of anyone needing dock parts in Antarctica!). We can work with your freight forwarder, or if you prefer we can work with ours and bill you for convenience. Submit a quote or contact us and we will make sure you get what you need, when and where you need it.



Question : Can I make changes to my order?

Answer : MAI starts processing your order as soon as we see it placed in our system. If you spot a change you would like to make, please contact us as soon as possible. If too much time has passed, we may not be able to make the needed changes to your order without incurring extra shipping charges and/or restocking fees. However, we will do everything within our power to make the needed changes quickly with minimal disruption or added costs.



Question : How do I cancel my order?

Answer : MAI starts processing your order as soon as we see it placed in our system. If you need to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. If too much time has passed, we may not be able to cancel your order without incurring extra shipping charges and/or restocking fees. However, we will do everything within our power to make an order cancellation as quick as possible with minimal fees. Additionally, please be aware that custom orders (cut to size, special designs, custom dimensions, etc) are non-refundable.



 Question : Are there any cancellation/restocking fees?

Answer : On orders that are canceled or changed because of a mistake on our part, we will not charge cancellation/restocking fees. Cancellations or changes for other reasons may carry fees depending on the product and the stage of the order.

Most products carry anywhere from a 10% to a 30% restocking fee. On products that come straight from the manufacturer, we charge only their fee.

Custom products that are made/cut/fabricated to spec and that are not resellable are ineligible for return.

Additionally, shipping charges are non-refundable and unless specified otherwise are the responsibility of the customer.



Question : What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer : We accept many forms of payment for your convenience. These include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, Check, Money Order, and Wire Transfer. Additionally, you can submit your order as a quote request, as a Purchase Order, or with a Credit Account (Net 10). 



Question : Do you keep my payment details (credit card, check, bank info, etc)?

Answer : We do not keep or store any payment details relating to account numbers, routing numbers, security codes, etc. The only information that we do store is your contact information, shipping address, and billing address. All other information is automatically wiped from our system after your payment has been processed.


Question : What is the "Request a Quote" payment option?

Answer : You do not need to pay for your order right away. If you select this option, your order will be submitted to us as a quote request and we will then submit back a quote to you for your approval. Customers who have a credit account with us who are quoting large projects, or those needing extra information such as freight quotes, tend to choose this option.



 Question : Can I get a credit account with you?


Answer : Yes. Please contact us so we can get the process started. We have a credit department in house that can process your request for credit approval within 24 hours.


Question : Why won't my product add to the checkout cart?

Answer : There are two answeres to this question: the technical and the not so technical. The not so technical answer is essentially that, on slower internet connections, customers need to wait a few moment while the product gets loaded (if you look at the top of your screen after adding a product, you will see a loading box that changes to a confirmation box after your product has loaded successfully). 

The somewhat technical answer is that our checkout cart operates on a secure connection insuring that your payment information is kept confidential. In many instances, the product is switching from our http to the https website (the "s" on https stands for "secure"). This transition takes an extra switch and on slower internet connections it can feel like time is really adding up. Best bet is to watch the loading box at the top of the screen and when it switches to the confirmation box, you can proceed to checkout.



Question : Why shouldn't we use the treated lumber from the local box store? It has been treated for use on outdoor decks?

Answer : #1 or better Douglas Fir milled, cut to length, drilled & fabricated prior to being treated with ACZA .60 retention has proven to be the best for use on marina applications. Here are some comments from a customer looking for specific walers. AWPA has standards for marine grade lumber, and should be followed. It should also be noted that marinas are engineered for the weather and wave conditions specific to their area, changing anything away from engineered specifications is a dangerous practice.

1. Most box stores do not carry #1 or better nor custom sizes like a 28’ 4”x8” Free of heat center, light to no wane. 

2. Their treated wood is generally .40 ACQ – a cheaper treatment. Cheaper treatments can cause increased corrosion of galvanized metal hardware.

3. Most box stores do not fabricate their lumber at all.  So, assuming everything else is equal, you are drilling the lumber after treatment, compromising the integrity of the field treatment. (Please request attachment).

4. Field fabrication after treatment means that you have to catch all the sawdust and properly discard of the trimmings (hazmat) due to the pressure treatment being a restricted use pesticide.  Additionally, each field cut/hole must be treated twice with an approved field treatment.  Though that field treatment gives a basic protection, it’s not as good as treating it after drilling. 

5. We asked the box store near our office.  They couldn’t even quote a Douglas Fir 4x8 at that length.  They only carried 12’.  Box store price $133.05 EA. 90-100 days, in a treated Hem Fir FOB store.  The sales person didn’t even know what heart wood was, nor grade, but they do usually have light to no wane lumber.  They also didn’t know what retention it was treated to.  Of course, if you get Hem Fir, you can treat it CCA.  They provided as an alternate, a HF 6x8 28’ @ $170.52 EA, with a green tone.  That’s usually CCA, and it’s a much cheaper preservative. The cost was not much different, but you don't get the lengths you need.

6. Hem Fir is not as structurally strong as Douglas Fir.  Though we don’t know the grade they were quoted, our quick inquiry shows neither does the box store.  Again, comparing #1 Grades in Douglas Fir and Hem Fir shows a 225 psi Fb base difference.  Of course, if it wasn’t cut as a structural grade, you could get anything.


Question : What is an ALMAG " S " Cleat?

Answer : ALMAG is an Aluminum-magnesium alloy that is very light-weight and yet has a high tensile strength. The ½ ″ machine bolt attachment is in the base of the cleat. Many people prefer the curved shape of this cleat and find it easier to tie to.


Question : What color fendering should I use?

Answer : Many marinas are now using the solid grey or black fendering. White, even when it is treated to resist mildew and staining still requires some maintenance to maintain its fresh look.


Question : How do I attach fendering?

Answer : Fasteners, like all marina equipment, need to be corrosion-resistant. We recommend Aluminum large-head nails and Stainless Steel ring-shank large head nails, all about 1.5" long.


Question : What if I find an identical item somewhere else for a better price?

Answer : Provide MAI with proof of the lower priced, in stock item and we will match it.



Question : How do we deal with De-Icing Concrete Docks?

Answer : We've all seen old sidewalks and wondered why some have deteriorated, while another of the same vintage has not. The same question can be asked of floats as well.

A lot depends on the location, exposure to the elements, care and maintenance practices, the conditions present when it was originally cast, and the type and quality of concrete used. In the past 30-40 years the science and development of concrete admixtures have progressed dramatically, bringing a very old building material into the 21st century. But even with modern technology, because of the variety of conditions and exposures, new concrete can be as susceptible to damage as old, maybe even more so because it hasn't cured as long.

Surface spalling of concrete occurs as a result of repeated freeze/thaw cycles. When it freezes the ice expands inside the concrete matrix with forces upward of 30,000psi. Deicing chemicals basically work by lowering the freezing temperature of water so it can run off the surface. This also often results in further saturating the concrete surface. As the temperatures drop, even this "treated" water will refreeze. To counter this action, modern concrete used in exterior applications such as floats and most upland sidewalks, roads, etc..., is formulated with an appropriate level of entrained air (normally 4%-7% by volume) and a compressive strength of 4,000+ psi or more.

The Air Entrainment imparts "billions and billions" of tiny air bubbles into the concrete while it's still wet or "plastic". When it hardens these bubbles form voids that intersect the ingress routes followed by the water. Due to surface tension these voids will only fill to 2/3-3/4 full, allowing room for the ice to expand and reducing the pressure on the concrete. The Air voids and higher strength concrete make it more durable and freeze/thaw resistant.

There are a myriad of products available claiming to be "Safe for use on Concrete", but most just serve to lower the freezing point of water. Some actually attack the chemical composition of the concrete, making a bad situation even worse.

The best method for clearing ice and snow from a concrete surface remains shoveling it off, and/or apply sand for traction, but let's be real.... it's easier and faster to use chemicals. Just be conservative in their application on well cured concrete. Applying a high quality, penetrating sealer ( surface sealers wear off quickly) every few years will also add to surface durability and inhibit the saturation of the concrete. 



Have a question that wasn't answered here? Please feel free to get in touch using the info located on our Contact Us page.


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